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February 28, 2007



Another great post! As a "non-traditional" husband I have greatly enjoyed my wife starting her own business. Having been involved in numerous startups myself it has been very interesting watching another new venture from a different perspective.

My wife is a LCSW and is starting her own practice. She set March 1st (today) as the day to get everything in order and ready to run. As a result, we have had a very hectic few dog show and no formula but we did have an Aunt bring her two kids for a few days last week. (There is more posted on my blog if you want to read about this specific incident.)

As the non-preneur on this very rare occasion, I just need to say that it is an absolute pleasure to watch my wife succeed tremendously in her new endeavor. Any sacrifice required to make it happen pales in comparison when I am able to watch my very best friend succeed in such a meaningful way.

If your husband gets half as much satisfaction out of watching your success as I do with my wife, I'm sure he feels the same way.

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