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January 12, 2009



She is beautiful - even mad! These ultrasounds are so cool, I've never had a 4D.


Oh my gosh! I'm laughing so hard at that opening eyes comment! ROFLOL... too funny. Good luck with her, she's going to have some attitude. =)


Ummm, sorry. But totally freaky.


You know I love your girl, freak or not, right???

Tara B.

That is SOOO Cool! I got to do the 4D when I was prego with twins and it was awesome....they looked exactly like the pictures.

Question... is saw over there on the left "books i'm reading"...i'm curious about 1776? Is that a good read. I've had my eye on it for awhile....would love to know your thoughts if you've started reading it.

Anyway, beautiful little girl you've got! ♥

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