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March 28, 2009



I have two twin girls, and we need a camera because we are going to Thailand next year to see our family. The have only seen their grandma once, and this would be a nice memory for them. #flip

G. Mack

I have been unemployed and it would be great to have a Flipcam to record my daughter leaving for college! #flip


Hi... I never had a good camera and now we have a baby in our family and we want to capture all the moments but the camera we have would shut off all the time and we are too poor to buy a new camera. If i win this camera it would be great and i can capture all the moments of the baby ... please and thank you soo much for this deal. Thank you and it would be great if i won.

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I need to keep better track of my girls memories...#flip...I wish I had a camera!!


Hi, i am a mother of two and my daughter would really enjoy getting this but money is tight right now, it would be a great gift to her.. #flip


this camera is going to be great to record my 1 year old son's moments.#flip


Hi.. I think it would be good little camera to have around , to take quick shots of my little 2 year old :)!


In 2 Months My Aunt Will Be Moving Home From England and They Have Been There For One Year, and Have Been Struggling To Come Home (cost wise) and The Look On Her Face When She Gets To The Airport In July Will Be unbelievable And I would Be an Amazing Videos To Have



i have 6 cute kids and i just had another one and we want to go to rome and we really need a camera :)
i hope i win

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